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  • The pH Scale - Science Meets Black Magic

    There’s a lot of sweet, sweet science going on in hydroponics. Science that makes your plants grow faster, bigger, and healthier.
  • Did ABC Just Air a Hydroponics Ad During the NBA Finals?

    As the clock ticked into the fourth quarter of last night’s NBA Finals showdown between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors, ABC cut to a commercial break — and aired what might be remembered as a landmark ad for the cannabis industry.

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  • Episode One: Hydro 101

    What is Hydroponics? Check out our Hydro 101 video to learn more about growing year around and how to take your grow to the next level.

  • Episode Two: The Brand

    Check out our brand video to learn more about our performance hydroponics products. From growing media to nutrients, supplements to durables; Black Magic was designed to give you everything you need to maximize yield, year around.

  • Episode Three: Growing Media

    Our 3 blends, CoCo Coir Mix, Potting Soil, and Pro Peat Blend were designed with the absolute highest quality ingredients, blended by expert growers to ensure your grow is as successful as possible.

  • Episode Four: Nutrient

    Learn more about our expertly crafted performance hydroponics' nutrients: all designed to give your plants the perfect foundation for a good growth and maximum yield.

  • Why Chicago Is Becoming The Country’s Urban Farming Capital

    Urban farming is blowing up in The Windy City and the reason why may surprise you. ‪#‎urbangardening‬ ‪#‎hydroponics‬ ‪#‎sustainableliving

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  • Episode Five: Supplement

    What are Black Magic Performance Hydroponics' Nutrient Supplements? Watch this quick video to learn more about our supplement offerings and when best to use them to maximize the results of your grow.

  • An Intro to Hydroponics: 9 Benefits of Growing Without Soil

    Why ‪#‎hydro‬? Let these 9 reasons convince you that soilless gardening is the only way to go. ‪#‎hydroponics‬ ‪#‎growyourown

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