Learn the Dark Arts of Growing

Hydroponics is a practice that demands dedication: to invest the time and money in learning and refining your tool kit to build a successful grow as well as perseverance in the face of the occasional but inevitable misstep. The Black Magic FAQ and feeding schedules are here to be used as a foundational guide as well as supplemental tricks to using our products so you can build out your own growing style and reap yields of the highest proportions.


Black Magic is designed for growers of all levels. But for those in search of a simple approach to growing hydroponically follow the step-by-step guide below. And check in with our FAQ’s or hit us up on our contact page for any troubleshooting needs.
    Black Magic Potting Soil is a great place to start. Ideal for indoor and outdoor growing, it provides a supernatural foundation for your plants. Dark and rich with natural goodness baked in, it’s good to grow. “No need to worry about adding fertilizer or supplements for the first 30 days.
  2. Add Plant Food
    Black Magic All-Purpose Fertilizer is a broad-spectrum nutrient that you can feed your plants at nearly any stage of the growing process. (After Black Magic Potting Soil has worked its nutrient magic for 30 days). Keep in mind our All-Purpose Fertilizer is a super food that even the most sophisticated growers use, so no need to customize.
  3. Add supplements
    Supplements, depending on the specific product and the plant they’re being used on, can be used throughout the entire growing process. Use Black Magic All-Purpose Supplement at any stage of the growing process to boost your root, leaf, or flower development. Use Black Magic Bloom Boost specifically for the bloom stage of your flowering plants.


Check out the Black Magic feeding charts for a detailed guide on how to administer these high-powered concoctions at every phase of your grow.


This set-up typically uses containers filled with a substrate, such as coir or peat. Water and nutrients are applied to the top of the containers and are allowed to drain through the bottom.
For use with Black Magic Coco Coir Mix or Black Magic Pro Peat Blend
Week #Growth StageBase Nutrient A (ml/gal)Base Nutrient B (ml/gal)All Purpose Supplement (ml/gal)Cal-Mag Supplement (ml/gal)Bloom Boost (ml/gal)All Purpose Dry Fertilizer (tsp/gal)
2early growth2.52.512.500
3late growth2.52.51500.5
5early bloom551510.5
6early bloom55152.50
7mid bloom55152.50.5
8mid bloom551550
9late bloom2.52.51550.5
10late bloom2.52.5152.50


This setup typically uses water culture in a closed system with an inert media, such as clay pebbles or rockwool. Water and nutrients are captured into a reservoir and recycled to the plants.
week #growth stageBase Nutrient A (ml/gal)Base Nutrient B (ml/gal)Cal-Mag Supplement (ml/gal)All Purpose Supplement (ml/gal)Bloom Boost (ml/gal)
2early growth55510
3late growth557.510
5early bloom7.57.57.512.5
6early bloom7.57.57.515
7mid bloom7.57.57.516
8mid bloom7.57.57.517.5
9late bloom557.517.5
10late bloom557.515
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