• Fertilizers

    BLACK MAGIC All-Purpose Fertilizer

    5.5 LB / 6 CT

    A broad spectrum formula crafted to help raise plants high.

    This super plant food designed for every stage of the growing process with a potent mix of ingredients from the earth and sea gives your plants a calculated boost of concentrated nutrients. Feed it, and yield will come.

    Derived From:
    • Alfalfa Meal
    • Bat Guano
    • Blood Meal
    • Crustacean Meal
    • Feather Meal
    • Fish Bone Meal
    • Kelp Meal
    • Magnesium Sulfate
    • Potassium Sulfate
    • Rock Phosphate

    PRO TIP: Not designed to be mixed into your hydro reservoir. It will clog your pump.